Wednesday, August 25, 2010

‘Gotong-royong’ at Kampung Tunku Tiga.

At 28th August 2010, Sector C had held one program that is ‘Gotong-royong’ for fast break at Kampung Tunku Tiga. For this trip, 40 students had involved and it is open to part one until part six. We went there by UiTM bus. In that morning, we are gathered at Dataran Sri Bendahara at 8 o’clock. After half an hour waiting everyone, we started our journey to Kampung Tunku Tiga.

When we arrived at there, one men had waiting us and join us to see around the village. He also explains to us about the history and all details about the village. I think this is interesting experience because Kampung Tunku Tiga has many interesting places and has its own specialities even it is rural area.

After that, we arrived at Masjid Jamek kampung Tunku Tiga. At there, unties and uncles had great us with friendly and we suddenly felt excited. I am happy to be one of this family. Even though their life is deficient, they work together and I did not see their look worry about their life. This is because they work together to solve their problems.

Then, we had divided into four groups and every group have their own duty. My group is group one where is we must help unties and uncles cooked ‘lemang’. From that duty, I had learned a lot a new thing such as how to cook ‘lemang’, put the rise into bamboo and many things. All unties are very sporting and they are teach us how to make a first class ‘lemang’ from Kampung Tunku Tiga.

Other than that, other group also help the unties and uncles cook ‘kuih rempeyek’, make a ‘cincau’ and cooking dishes for fast break. We also prayer together and after that we get adopt family. We go to our own adopt family’s house. My family is very happening and ‘mak’ is loving person. I love my new family.

At night, we fast break together and prayer together. At 10 o’clock, we tidy up our things and say good bye to all villagers and also want to thanks to my family because give crutch me to bath and everything. Lastly, I felt very happy even though my body is tired and I hope I can come again and also want to meet them.

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