Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My classmates.

In my class have 30 students, where have 7 princes and 23 princesses. My class’s group ISD3E1 and we still together since we are in semester 1. I am happy to be one of ISD3E1 because my classmates are the best thing that I ever had. Each of them has their own character and behaviour. Now, let me introduce them one by one.

Nik Syaza Syafinas bt Nik Mansor.

She is my best friends that I have. She is a humble person and never looks arrogant. She also a caring person and always care about me when I have problems. I always share all things with her because she is open minded and easy going. Moreover, she is funny and always makes me laugh at anytime.

Siti Solehah binti Mohamed.

She is a mysterious girl. This is because until now I do not know why she does not like other person take her picture. By the way, she is a caring person because I had start close with her since semester 3 because she care about me and now she is new best friend. Other than that, she is loving person and romantic. For me, it is funny thing about her because she looks like a very violent person but she has a soft heart.

Shabirrul Ain bt Ramli.

Shabirrul is a cute girl and she is very cute. I like when her act like a child and she looks very cute. She also a shy person and I always tease her and her face will start blushing. She is a hardworking person. She always completes her task at the time and I like work with her. Sometime, she had told me that she do not get enough sleep and lazy go to class.

Nurul Fashiehah bt Mohamad Jasin.

Fashiehah is a pretty girl. For me, she has natural beauty and has her own style. Actually, I like the way she dress up. Even though, it is simple but it look nice and she comfort with her style. Then, she is hardworking person and one thing that makes I proud of her is she always want to improve her by asking her friends studies.

Nur Shahierah Nabila bt Rahim.

We call her shier. She is a funny and kind person. She also is a friendly and talkative person. However, she always looks sexy and hot.

Ku Norazila Bt Ku Ahmad

We call her Ku or Kuchek. She is cute girl and chubby. She has white skin and beautiful eyes. She is friendly person and sometime she looks clumsy. She is talkative person and she likes to talk. Her best friend is Mia.

Nur Amirah Binti Aminuddin.

Mia is nick name for her. She is a tall girl and has nice face. She did not afraid to tell her opinion and she has a loud voice. I like corporate with her. She is a kind girl because she had accompany me when I want go back home. From that, I know she is caring about her friends.

Nurfatin Afiqah binti Mohd Noor Boo.

Her nick name is Afie. She has a white skin and cute face. She also tall and has small eyes. She is quiet person. She closes with Wawa, Miera and Ika. She is a kind, humble and funny too. I comfort when I with her. She looks sweet when she smile.

Nurhazwani Binti Mohamad Arif.

Wawa is her nick name. She is thin girl and cute face. She is hardworking and serious person but she is friendly. In a classroom, she is a quite person and has soft voice. She looks sweet when she is smile. By my observation, she is committed with her works and I hope she will gain weight after this.

Norshafiqah binti Norisham.

At class, we call her Ika. She is sweet girl. She has her own style and strict in works. She has interesting talent that not many people know. She has rhyming talent. She has good personality and image. She is strong person and she is very sensitive person.

Anisahwati Binti Aminuddin.

We like call her Ponti and lecturer call her Nisa. She is class Representative for our class. She has a nice looking. She is a sport girl and has nice eyes. She likes to laugh and she is happy go lucky girl. She always smiles and sometime she will be ‘crazy’ with her three friends. There are Afiza, Biha and Acu. I think she is the best class Representative that I have.

Nor Hafiza Binti Samsudin.

Her nick name is Apis. She is funny person and always makes people laugh. She has small body and cute. She is friendly person and I like be her friends.

Nabihah Binti Zakaria.

Biha is nick name in the class. Her face is Chinese look. She has small eyes and white skin like a Chinese girl. She is one of the debaters in UiTM. She has loud voice and I like when she talk because she looks confident.

Nor Asma Binti Azan.

My classmates call her Acu. She is funny person. She is though girl and act like a man. She is brutal and smart girl. She has good English and does not stingy knowledge. I always ask her about English subject. She is very kind girl and all my friends like her.

Nadirah Binti Ismail.

I call her Nad. She is quite person. So, it is hard to know about her. She also is a shy girl but I know she is friendly and kind.

Siti Nuraishah Bt Che Hamid.

We always call her Sha. She is funny girl and the interesting is I like when talk in Kedah slang. She looks cute when she talks like that. She is simple person and beautiful. She always put eyeliner to her eyes. So, her face does not look pale because she has white skin.

Nurul Iza binti Hadi.

Iza is a nick name for her. She has a small body and cute face. She is very friendly and sometime she looks cute when she acts like a child. She is a humble person and never make me hurt. She is easy going and she also is independent girl.

Nuswatun Hasanah bt Jaafar.

We like call her ‘Cikgu Besar’ because she dresses like that. She is funny girl and cheerful. She is matured and kind person. She always busy with her works since she is one of the college committee members. She always said that she was tired because a lot of works she must do.

Siti Nurul Zaharah Binti Abdullah.

People call her Zara. She is independent girl and smart girl. She has a cute face and beautiful eyes. She is a hardworking person and committed with her works. She is brave to throw out her opinions.
She is a nice person.

Nur Diyana Izni Bt Che Yahya.

People call her Diyana. Her face looks like Beyonce. I always teasing and make her angry with me. She has a nice hair and has loud voice. I like look her smiles and she looks very sweet. She is hard working and she gives full commitment in her works.

Ain Diyana Binti Mohammad Hassan.

I call her Ain. Sometimes, I call her ‘Makcik’. She is brave person and she has high level of confidence. One thing that I like her is she can manage something very well. She also is a strict person in her works.

Mohd Nur Arif bin Saini.

Tutu is his nick name in the classroom. He is good leader because he had been a class Representative in semester 2. He did his works very well and I feel comfort with him. He is responsible person and he also is a shy person. He calls me Along and he is the only one guy that call me by that name.

Mohd Zulkarnain Bin Zakaria.

He is thinnest person in my class and quite tall. We always call him Zul. He will serious when he doing works. I like the way he handle the works and manage something. He is funny person and I like be his friend. He always makes me laugh.

Ersyazuddin Bin Budaim.

Mabat is his nick name. He is naughty and always teasing others. He always come late and always misses the class. However, he is a kind person and friendly. He is responsible person and sometimes he is not serious in his works.

Muhammad Hazriq Bin Mohd Hedir.

We call him Bub. He is the biggest person in my class. He closes with Perot. They are always together when they are in class. He is funny person and there is a time where he can be in a really bad mood.
I feel afraid to see him at that time.

Muhammad Faizzul Bin Aziz.

His nickname is Perot. He is the cutest person in my class. In class, he is naughty and always teasing lecturer. He is very sensitive person and he is cute when he is sulking.

Abdul Qayyum Bin Abd. Razak.

We call him Qayyum. His face is like Arabian and I think he has mixed family background. He is a small person. Many girls like him because of his face. He always came late to attend class but he still makes nothing when he late comes to class. He is quite person and have a nice eyes.

Mohamad Naqib Bin Nordin.

Naqib is very nice person. He always teases me. He likes laughing. He is very funny person and always makes people happy. However, he always asks me about studies and he does not shame to ask when he does not understand. He is the best guy in my class.

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