Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Subjects for This Semester.

There are 7 subjects for this semester. There are BEL 311, IMD 201, IMD 202, IMD 203, IMD 255, CTU 264 and HBU 134. The first subject is BEL 311. It is an English subject that include writing, reading and so on. It is stand for English Academic Purposes. On my 2nd day class, I felt excited to see a BEL lecturer. In my mind, I had a lot of questions in that time. Is he sporting? Is he very strict? But I don’t care who he is. At least he can help me to improve my English. BEL 311 is an interesting subject. In this subject will help us a lot to improve our English language and also in writing. After that, Mr. Izuan bin Ismail is my BEL 311 lecturer. In learning process, he always makes practice after what we have learn. Then, he always gives examples for each point. So that, we can understand what he had taught. My opinion about this subject is quite tough because we will learn about how to do a term paper and a lot of format we must know. By the way, it is good for me to learn how to make a good resume. I hope it will help me to my skill to do a term paper. Actually, I like this subject and it is 3 credits hour subject. The assessments of this subject are 30% for term paper, 20% for discussion, and 10% for attendance, participation and assignment. Lastly is 40% for final exam.

My second subject is IMD 201. It is stand for Access to Information. In this subject I get my old lecturer at last semester. His name is Mr. Muhamad Ismail bin Pahmi. For this subject I think it is related to the library because library is the one of information agency where we can access information. From that we know how to find correct information in library, how to manage the information that we receive. For his class, it is quite boring because he talks very slowly and sometime we cannot understand what he says. Then, he always ask question about preview learning and like give us assignment. My opinion about this subject is interesting and gives me a lot of knowledge. I love to be a part of information management student. We learn a lot of new things and I love this subject. I hope this subject will help me to profession in library science. That will make me more excited to explore this subject with my lecturer and I hope no problems when in process learning occur. It will be fun and enjoy. For this subject it is 3 credits hour. The assessments for this subject are 10% for test, 10% for assignment, 20% for final project and 60% for final project.

IMD 202 also is one of my subjects. This subject is about Promotion of Information Product and Services where we will understand the basic concept of promotion of information product and services and many more. I think this subject is quite interesting and I think I will learn about business. So, it is tough to me. The lecturer of this subject is Puan Rashidah binti Mohamed. She also is my last semester lecturer. She is kind person and sometime funny and then she always to be patient with our behavior. In her class always bored and always change class. The way she teach is boring and she make a joke. Even though, she is quite fussy, I like her to be my lecturer next semester. I really like this subject and I hope I will get what I want get the best result in exam. The credit hour for this subject is 3 credits hour. The assessment is 40% for course work and 60% for final exam.

After that is IMD 203. This subject is about Support Services and Maintenance. In my mind when I heard this subject is it has a lot of commitment with PC and more on practical. I think it will be fun and what I had guessed was right. Cik Siti Nuur-Ila binti Mat Kamal is the lecturer of this subject. Actually, I had heard before that she is very strict and hot tempered. However, she is not like I was heard. She is very cute and sporting. Actually, I like the skill of teaching that she apply in the class and her class is joyful. In my opinion, this subject is the best subject among others because it has practical. It is good to me to gain knowledge about maintenance. In class, she likes to ask questions. Then, she will take 5 minutes to rest after one and half hour we study. I hope I will expert in PC maintenance. For this subject, not have final paper and all the mark totally have been valued by Cik Ila. This subject is 3 credit hours. So, I must struggle for this subject because it hard to score.

Other than that is IMD 255. It is stand for Technical Support and Services Information. The firstt thing that I think about this subject is all about the library. How the department in the library works to fulfill the user’s needs. Actually this is my first time hearing this subject and I feel excited to explore more about IMD 255. I also feel lucky because Puan Diana binti Abd. Rahman is the lecturer for this subject. I know her since I in part 1 because the seniors likes to talk about her. She is very cute and funny. In my opinion, this subject is very synonym with information management students. This is because we learn about all departments that have in library and how their work. In class, she is very strict person and she will ask for those who not focus in class. My expectation for this subject is it will help me in future where I will use what I have learn. I like to be her student and I hope this subject will improve me to know about the library. This subject has 3 credits hour. The assessments for this subject are 10% for test, 5% for library visit, 5% for quiz, 20% for final project and 60% for final exam.

CTU 264 is the interesting subject to me because every semester it becomes more challenge and I like it. It is stand for “Pengurusan Minda Islam”. For this semester, this subject is more related with my course and it make more interesting and make me love to study this subject. In additional, the lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Saidin bin Wan Ismail. I had heard before this that he is soft spoken person and dedicated lecturer. I felt very happy to meet him in my first class with him. The impression about this subject is more adventure and more tough because if I not mistaken I will learn about to identify knowledge institutions, element and ethics of management in Islamic civilization. In the class, ustaz always make a joke. He is funny and kind person. I think this subject good to me because I will learn about al-Quran and hadith. It gives me a lot of good lessons. I hope ustaz will help to get the best result in this subject. This subject has contributed 2 credits hour. 40% for course works and 60% for final exam is the assessment of this subject.

My co curriculum is BPC that is “Badan Pertolongan Cemas”. The code for this subject is HBU 134. I have involved this co since me in semester 1. So, this semester is my last semester in this co curriculum. As usually, every semester we will get a new lecturer. For this subject, the syllabus that we will learn is more about the basic treating in house. Sir Abdul Halim is my teacher in this semester for BPC. My friend said he is a doctor at Penawar. Penawar is the name of clinic in Uitm Segamat. I feel nervous and happy because I will learn a lot of new thing in this semester. In the class, I feel so bored because the lecturer talk very slowly and some time I cannot hear what he had said. Then, he always looks at the students that have sat at the front. However, I will try to in front during his class. I think this subject is very important to me because I will learn about how to manage person after come back from hospital. This subject has 1 credits hour. 40% for the course work and 60% for final exam is the assessment of this subject. I love to explore about all my subjects with my beloved lecturers and will get a lot of knowledge from that.

A New Semester Begins.

I am happy to be one of the UiTM Segamat family. My impressions about UiTM are wonderful and great. When I was arrived UiTM, the first thing that I think is who will be my roommate and it is good news for me because I get a nice roommate. She is very kind and humble person.

Now, I’m in semester 3. When I come back to UiTM, I feel excited to meet all my friends and miss them all. Actually, I also feel happy because I get a new roommate because I had been mentioned from my old roommate that she gets a new room. I’m feeling sad to hear that because I had stay with her for 1 year and a lot of memories between us. So, I get a new roommate when I arrived at UiTM in the morning, I felt so shocked because my hostel had been painted with a new color. It gives me a big surprise and I’m happy to see that changes and suddenly, I feel excited to meet my new roommate. I hope she will be right to stay with me and when I saw her I feel spacious because she looks kind and respect to my mom. That’s all about my first impression about UiTM and my roommate.