Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Roommate

For this semester, I get a new roommate. Before I enter to UiTM, I had been mentioned from my ex-roommate that she got a new room. I felt sorry to hear that and also sad. There are a lot of memories between us. I will really miss it. Now, I must open a new book. I have a new life now. By the way, I feel very excited to meet my new roommate. Is she a kind person? or opposite? There a lot of question that play in my mind. Actually, it is a new experience to me gets a roommate which is younger than me. When first time I saw her, I feel spacious because she looks kind and polite. She respect to me and also my mother. Her name is Shuhada binti Roheizat. She is 18 years old and comes from Pagoh. She now studies in Business course. She is quite tall and little bit fat. Every morning, she always wakes me up to 'subuh' prayer. From that, I can see she is very caring person and not selfish friend. I really like her. Sometime, every night before we sleep, we will talk about everything. Actually, we like gossips and I always share my story with her. I think she can understand me and know what I like and dislike.

Other than that, she also has a boyfriend. She always tell me about her boyfriend and I always remind her to be careful and also do not forget about study even we have a boyfriend. Her mother had told me that her mother want me to care about Shuhada. She worried if Shuhada cannot suitable herself to new environment but I as a roommate, I will help her if she need me. I do not want my sister fail in study and I want to see her success and be a useful person. I hope she will alright to stay with me and love to each other.

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