Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preview for the whole semester.

Currently, I have a lot of works to do not like at early semester. At early semester, usually, we just went to class and listen to lecturer. Now, I have a lot of assignment and final project that must be complete before final examination. In all my subjects, I got a lot of experiences and lesson since the first day I attend to class until now. Now, I will explain one by one what I have got for each of my subject.

For BEL 311, I had learn a lot about how to make a perfect term paper, how to communicates to each other in English language, to be punctual and so on. My lecturer is Sir Muhd Izuan is a strict lecturer and he makes me to more discipline in his class. He has his own principal to teach us how to be success in our life. May be for the time I know his, I really do not like him because he is do not like to smile but actually he is a kind person. I actually, fell not interested with this subject because it need a lot of commitment but it is fun and I feel enjoy when I attend to this class.

Next is IMD 201. For the first time, I really hate this subject may be because of the lecturer. He always gives us a lot of assignments and when he gives us assignment, he will make happy face. Even though I do not like but it is good for us and our future. Now, this subject teaches me how to access information properly, how manage information and many more.

Then, not forget too to IMD 202. For this subject, we learn about how to promote a products and services. In this subject we need a lot of presentation. From that I have learn how to be confident in all situations. Now, I feel more confident when I do a presentation and talk to others.

IMD 203 is a quite tough subject because a lot of practical. We need set up a motherboard and needs know all about components in computer. For me, it is difficult subject at the first time but it is not. When I learn more about this subject, it is interesting and fun. I also know how to buy a good computer or laptop based on their component inside it.

My next subject is IMD 255. In this subject, I have learn a lot about departments in library but not just that, I also have learn about how to control the materials that have in library, how to be professional librarian.

In CTU 264, at the first time, I think this subject is boring but my expectation is totally wrong. Instead, it is very useful to me and to my course because I know how to manage information refers to Al-Quran and Al-Hadith. I also can use these experiences for my future and it will help me to solve my problems.

BPC 134 is my co curriculum subject. By this subject, I learn how to care old people that have done operation or treatment from hospital and back to their home. At starter, I feel this subject just for fun but it is important and by this subject I can care my family in right way like a nurse.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 things that I hate the most.

1. Assignment

I actually very hate to do assignment since I in part one. This is because assignment make my mind not calm and it make me pressure all the time. Other than that, it takes my rest time. In addition, Information Management needs doing a lot of assignment. So, I have accepted the truth that I must like do assignment.

2. Exam

Exam is one thing that I never like since I study at primary school. Examination makes me nervous and I will pressure myself to do revision. When the examination is near, I will stay up until morning and all that make me feel very stress.

3. Cockroaches

Cockroach is an insect that I hate. I really do not like it smell and it leg have something that make me ticklish. I am very hate to flying cockroach because it can fly to me suddenly. This can make scream loudly and will run around to make that cockroach move away. After that, I will cry because I really hate it.

4. Washing cloth

If you want ask me to do home work, you can ask whatever you want and I will do it but do not ask me to wash cloth. This is because when I washing cloth, my hand will really dry and it is hurt. It makes feel uncomfortable and I will not in mood. So, washing cloth is the most things that I hate and I do not want to do it.

5. Babbling

Other than that, babbling is one thing that I hate too. I do not like other people babbling at me while it is nothing and useless. If someone want give me advise please advice me in the right way but do not babbling at me.

6. Arrogant person.

This kind of person should not live here. This kind of person is better live in the jungle and friend with monkey. Until now, I still face with this kind of person every day. Actually, I want give advice to this person to be humble person and do not be like that but I do not ready yet to do that.

7. Fierce person.

This is other kind of person that I never like. I really hate the person that like make their fierce face and always look like a tiger. It is not fault, if we smile and make a happy face. Sometimes, it make us forgot our problem for a while. This fierce person also can make other person pressure with their face.

8. Spicy food

Spicy food makes my face red. Other that, it make me cry and also make me stomach-ache after eat it. It will make me suffer and I cannot do anything except sleep.

9. Bear

The other thing that I most hate is bear. Bear will make me sneeze and will make me fear when in the dark. The bear is look like a life bear and always look at me. That is why, I really do not like if bear is put in front of me.

10. Opera song.

The voice of the singer is too high pitch and make my ears hurt. I also cannot hear anything what they try to say. So, from hearing their song is better I hear my scream.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

10 facts are about me.

1. My head slanting when watching television.

When I am watching television, my head will slant and I do not notice when I do that. Sometimes, my father will hold my head and make sure my head not slanting again and all my siblings laughing at me. It is so funny when I remember that moment.

2. Like to sleep.

Actually, my hobby is sleeping. I will feel happy after I wake up and have spirit to do work. My mother always scolds me when wake up late and always sleep. She said me is the laziest daughter that she have.

3. Had a problem with my knee.

I had problem with my knee when I was at Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara. I was fall down when playing netball and my knee suddenly felt really pain. My knee swollen and it is hard to walk. Until know I cannot be too active because of this injuries. Actually, I felt sad what had happen but me still thankful.

4. Easy crying when sees other people crying.

I will start crying when I see other people crying. This is because may be my heart is easy touching and cannot see other people sad. When I start crying, it is hard to stop. That is why when people crying I do not like to see and I will go away from that person.

5. Had an accident at the age of 6 years.

At that time, I am just come back from studying al-Quran with my brother. When I want cross the road, one motorcycle had violated me from back. After that, I was fall down and I felt hurt at all my body. Two bikers also fall down and injured. Then, my father brought me went to clinic to make check up.

6. Can make a powerful noise belching.

This is one of my advantages and my bad attitude. When I was satisfied, I will produce a powerful sound strange. Although it is somewhat embarrassing, but I am feel satisfied and happy to do so.
7. Mouth must be open when sleeping.
This is one of embarrassing fact about me. When I sleep, my mouth will open. My sister always said my face was ugly when I sleep. May be because of my mouth is open making me look ugly.

8. I do not like washing cloth.

Washing cloth is one thing that does not want to do. In my house, this work will be settling by my sister. Sometimes, she and I will fight because we do not want to wash it. This is because my hand will be too dry and I feel uncomfortable after washing cloth.

9. Do not like look at my own picture.

This is the other fact about me. I actually do not know why I do not like looking at my own picture. This is maybe I look ugly in picture. Every time when I or other people take my picture, I will make many comments about my picture and that is why I do not like to look myself in picture.

10. Very scared of cockroaches.

A cockroach is an insect that I fear especially the flying one. I really do not like its smell and legs. When, I saw a cockroach I will scream and run away with faster to make sure the cockroaches do not come to me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My classmates.

In my class have 30 students, where have 7 princes and 23 princesses. My class’s group ISD3E1 and we still together since we are in semester 1. I am happy to be one of ISD3E1 because my classmates are the best thing that I ever had. Each of them has their own character and behaviour. Now, let me introduce them one by one.

Nik Syaza Syafinas bt Nik Mansor.

She is my best friends that I have. She is a humble person and never looks arrogant. She also a caring person and always care about me when I have problems. I always share all things with her because she is open minded and easy going. Moreover, she is funny and always makes me laugh at anytime.

Siti Solehah binti Mohamed.

She is a mysterious girl. This is because until now I do not know why she does not like other person take her picture. By the way, she is a caring person because I had start close with her since semester 3 because she care about me and now she is new best friend. Other than that, she is loving person and romantic. For me, it is funny thing about her because she looks like a very violent person but she has a soft heart.

Shabirrul Ain bt Ramli.

Shabirrul is a cute girl and she is very cute. I like when her act like a child and she looks very cute. She also a shy person and I always tease her and her face will start blushing. She is a hardworking person. She always completes her task at the time and I like work with her. Sometime, she had told me that she do not get enough sleep and lazy go to class.

Nurul Fashiehah bt Mohamad Jasin.

Fashiehah is a pretty girl. For me, she has natural beauty and has her own style. Actually, I like the way she dress up. Even though, it is simple but it look nice and she comfort with her style. Then, she is hardworking person and one thing that makes I proud of her is she always want to improve her by asking her friends studies.

Nur Shahierah Nabila bt Rahim.

We call her shier. She is a funny and kind person. She also is a friendly and talkative person. However, she always looks sexy and hot.

Ku Norazila Bt Ku Ahmad

We call her Ku or Kuchek. She is cute girl and chubby. She has white skin and beautiful eyes. She is friendly person and sometime she looks clumsy. She is talkative person and she likes to talk. Her best friend is Mia.

Nur Amirah Binti Aminuddin.

Mia is nick name for her. She is a tall girl and has nice face. She did not afraid to tell her opinion and she has a loud voice. I like corporate with her. She is a kind girl because she had accompany me when I want go back home. From that, I know she is caring about her friends.

Nurfatin Afiqah binti Mohd Noor Boo.

Her nick name is Afie. She has a white skin and cute face. She also tall and has small eyes. She is quiet person. She closes with Wawa, Miera and Ika. She is a kind, humble and funny too. I comfort when I with her. She looks sweet when she smile.

Nurhazwani Binti Mohamad Arif.

Wawa is her nick name. She is thin girl and cute face. She is hardworking and serious person but she is friendly. In a classroom, she is a quite person and has soft voice. She looks sweet when she is smile. By my observation, she is committed with her works and I hope she will gain weight after this.

Norshafiqah binti Norisham.

At class, we call her Ika. She is sweet girl. She has her own style and strict in works. She has interesting talent that not many people know. She has rhyming talent. She has good personality and image. She is strong person and she is very sensitive person.

Anisahwati Binti Aminuddin.

We like call her Ponti and lecturer call her Nisa. She is class Representative for our class. She has a nice looking. She is a sport girl and has nice eyes. She likes to laugh and she is happy go lucky girl. She always smiles and sometime she will be ‘crazy’ with her three friends. There are Afiza, Biha and Acu. I think she is the best class Representative that I have.

Nor Hafiza Binti Samsudin.

Her nick name is Apis. She is funny person and always makes people laugh. She has small body and cute. She is friendly person and I like be her friends.

Nabihah Binti Zakaria.

Biha is nick name in the class. Her face is Chinese look. She has small eyes and white skin like a Chinese girl. She is one of the debaters in UiTM. She has loud voice and I like when she talk because she looks confident.

Nor Asma Binti Azan.

My classmates call her Acu. She is funny person. She is though girl and act like a man. She is brutal and smart girl. She has good English and does not stingy knowledge. I always ask her about English subject. She is very kind girl and all my friends like her.

Nadirah Binti Ismail.

I call her Nad. She is quite person. So, it is hard to know about her. She also is a shy girl but I know she is friendly and kind.

Siti Nuraishah Bt Che Hamid.

We always call her Sha. She is funny girl and the interesting is I like when talk in Kedah slang. She looks cute when she talks like that. She is simple person and beautiful. She always put eyeliner to her eyes. So, her face does not look pale because she has white skin.

Nurul Iza binti Hadi.

Iza is a nick name for her. She has a small body and cute face. She is very friendly and sometime she looks cute when she acts like a child. She is a humble person and never make me hurt. She is easy going and she also is independent girl.

Nuswatun Hasanah bt Jaafar.

We like call her ‘Cikgu Besar’ because she dresses like that. She is funny girl and cheerful. She is matured and kind person. She always busy with her works since she is one of the college committee members. She always said that she was tired because a lot of works she must do.

Siti Nurul Zaharah Binti Abdullah.

People call her Zara. She is independent girl and smart girl. She has a cute face and beautiful eyes. She is a hardworking person and committed with her works. She is brave to throw out her opinions.
She is a nice person.

Nur Diyana Izni Bt Che Yahya.

People call her Diyana. Her face looks like Beyonce. I always teasing and make her angry with me. She has a nice hair and has loud voice. I like look her smiles and she looks very sweet. She is hard working and she gives full commitment in her works.

Ain Diyana Binti Mohammad Hassan.

I call her Ain. Sometimes, I call her ‘Makcik’. She is brave person and she has high level of confidence. One thing that I like her is she can manage something very well. She also is a strict person in her works.

Mohd Nur Arif bin Saini.

Tutu is his nick name in the classroom. He is good leader because he had been a class Representative in semester 2. He did his works very well and I feel comfort with him. He is responsible person and he also is a shy person. He calls me Along and he is the only one guy that call me by that name.

Mohd Zulkarnain Bin Zakaria.

He is thinnest person in my class and quite tall. We always call him Zul. He will serious when he doing works. I like the way he handle the works and manage something. He is funny person and I like be his friend. He always makes me laugh.

Ersyazuddin Bin Budaim.

Mabat is his nick name. He is naughty and always teasing others. He always come late and always misses the class. However, he is a kind person and friendly. He is responsible person and sometimes he is not serious in his works.

Muhammad Hazriq Bin Mohd Hedir.

We call him Bub. He is the biggest person in my class. He closes with Perot. They are always together when they are in class. He is funny person and there is a time where he can be in a really bad mood.
I feel afraid to see him at that time.

Muhammad Faizzul Bin Aziz.

His nickname is Perot. He is the cutest person in my class. In class, he is naughty and always teasing lecturer. He is very sensitive person and he is cute when he is sulking.

Abdul Qayyum Bin Abd. Razak.

We call him Qayyum. His face is like Arabian and I think he has mixed family background. He is a small person. Many girls like him because of his face. He always came late to attend class but he still makes nothing when he late comes to class. He is quite person and have a nice eyes.

Mohamad Naqib Bin Nordin.

Naqib is very nice person. He always teases me. He likes laughing. He is very funny person and always makes people happy. However, he always asks me about studies and he does not shame to ask when he does not understand. He is the best guy in my class.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

‘Gotong-royong’ at Kampung Tunku Tiga.

At 28th August 2010, Sector C had held one program that is ‘Gotong-royong’ for fast break at Kampung Tunku Tiga. For this trip, 40 students had involved and it is open to part one until part six. We went there by UiTM bus. In that morning, we are gathered at Dataran Sri Bendahara at 8 o’clock. After half an hour waiting everyone, we started our journey to Kampung Tunku Tiga.

When we arrived at there, one men had waiting us and join us to see around the village. He also explains to us about the history and all details about the village. I think this is interesting experience because Kampung Tunku Tiga has many interesting places and has its own specialities even it is rural area.

After that, we arrived at Masjid Jamek kampung Tunku Tiga. At there, unties and uncles had great us with friendly and we suddenly felt excited. I am happy to be one of this family. Even though their life is deficient, they work together and I did not see their look worry about their life. This is because they work together to solve their problems.

Then, we had divided into four groups and every group have their own duty. My group is group one where is we must help unties and uncles cooked ‘lemang’. From that duty, I had learned a lot a new thing such as how to cook ‘lemang’, put the rise into bamboo and many things. All unties are very sporting and they are teach us how to make a first class ‘lemang’ from Kampung Tunku Tiga.

Other than that, other group also help the unties and uncles cook ‘kuih rempeyek’, make a ‘cincau’ and cooking dishes for fast break. We also prayer together and after that we get adopt family. We go to our own adopt family’s house. My family is very happening and ‘mak’ is loving person. I love my new family.

At night, we fast break together and prayer together. At 10 o’clock, we tidy up our things and say good bye to all villagers and also want to thanks to my family because give crutch me to bath and everything. Lastly, I felt very happy even though my body is tired and I hope I can come again and also want to meet them.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Memories of Ramadan.

Every year, Muslim will celebrate Ramadhan. Now, Ramadhan is coming back and I feel excited to celebrate it. I remember when I in six years old. My father had told me that if I success to complete my fasting, he will give the present at Eid day. That was first time I learn to fast with my beloved family. For the first time, it is hard to me to through that day. Then, it becomes easier and I am happy fasting with them.

When I was 18, I enter into UiTM and me fasting without my family. That was new experience to me because before this I never separated with my family. In first Ramadhan, I felt very sad and really miss my mother and her cooking. However, I have my friends to fast together. Every evening, we will go to ‘bazar Ramadhan’ to buy some food to eat at fasting break. It is an enjoyable experience with my friends and I had learned something from that. There are I must be careful to spent money to buy food and to be patience in whatever situation.

The best thing in Ramadhan is food. The most popular food in Ramadhan is ‘kurma’. ‘Kurma’ is a favorite food prophet Muhammad. Usually, we will eat ‘kurma’ first because it is sunnah of the prophet. ‘Kurma’ is sweet and I really like it.

When the Eid day will appear, all my aunties, uncles and also my cousins will busy to prepare ‘rendang’, ‘lemang’ and many food. At seven last days Ramadhan, we will prepare lamp around my grandfather house. It was enjoy and happy to see a beautiful lamp and make me excited to celebrate Eid day.

There are a lot of memories in Ramadhan to me story it. This is just a little memory that I can share with all and I hope Ramadhan will be come back again.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Roommate

For this semester, I get a new roommate. Before I enter to UiTM, I had been mentioned from my ex-roommate that she got a new room. I felt sorry to hear that and also sad. There are a lot of memories between us. I will really miss it. Now, I must open a new book. I have a new life now. By the way, I feel very excited to meet my new roommate. Is she a kind person? or opposite? There a lot of question that play in my mind. Actually, it is a new experience to me gets a roommate which is younger than me. When first time I saw her, I feel spacious because she looks kind and polite. She respect to me and also my mother. Her name is Shuhada binti Roheizat. She is 18 years old and comes from Pagoh. She now studies in Business course. She is quite tall and little bit fat. Every morning, she always wakes me up to 'subuh' prayer. From that, I can see she is very caring person and not selfish friend. I really like her. Sometime, every night before we sleep, we will talk about everything. Actually, we like gossips and I always share my story with her. I think she can understand me and know what I like and dislike.

Other than that, she also has a boyfriend. She always tell me about her boyfriend and I always remind her to be careful and also do not forget about study even we have a boyfriend. Her mother had told me that her mother want me to care about Shuhada. She worried if Shuhada cannot suitable herself to new environment but I as a roommate, I will help her if she need me. I do not want my sister fail in study and I want to see her success and be a useful person. I hope she will alright to stay with me and love to each other.