Sunday, August 1, 2010

Being a senior.

Before I enter to UiTM, I always think that senior will bully me at college. In addition, I never live in hostel before this. Actually, this is my first experience to stay away with my mother. That is why I felt so afraid. My mother had told me, we must respect to older person. If we respect others, they will do it the same thing. So, I must respect to my seniors and to be friendly with them even they do not like me.

Now, I am in semester three. I am happy because I still continue my study in UiTM Johor. Now, I am being a senior. A new semester has begins and new subjects also lecturers. For this semester, UiTM Johor have received 1600 student in the first intake. It is quite large number of students. I am happy because I can meet new students that are diploma part 1 and pre-diploma. Actually, pre-diploma is a new course in UiTM Johor.

Being a senior is the best experience that I have through. It needs a lot of patience because sometime junior do not respect us as a senior. It usually happens in hostel even at the outside. That is why in our hostel have a “Salam Ukhuwah” session where a new student will a take seniors’ signature. From that, junior will know senior with more close and know how to get a signature with their respect to seniors.

For this time, all my juniors have not made a problem. They are all respect us and always smile when met us. I am so happy because they know how to life with respect to each other. But not all students can do like that. For them, they just think for themselves and can survive alone. We live as community. So that, we are must be friendly and be kind to others. It is the best way to avoid us to feel lonely. I also had been a junior and for me senior is a sister to me which is they can help me when I in problem because they have many experiences and know many thing. Even though, a junior is older than junior, the fact is junior must respect to senior.

Those are all about me being a senior.

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