Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 things that I hate the most.

1. Assignment

I actually very hate to do assignment since I in part one. This is because assignment make my mind not calm and it make me pressure all the time. Other than that, it takes my rest time. In addition, Information Management needs doing a lot of assignment. So, I have accepted the truth that I must like do assignment.

2. Exam

Exam is one thing that I never like since I study at primary school. Examination makes me nervous and I will pressure myself to do revision. When the examination is near, I will stay up until morning and all that make me feel very stress.

3. Cockroaches

Cockroach is an insect that I hate. I really do not like it smell and it leg have something that make me ticklish. I am very hate to flying cockroach because it can fly to me suddenly. This can make scream loudly and will run around to make that cockroach move away. After that, I will cry because I really hate it.

4. Washing cloth

If you want ask me to do home work, you can ask whatever you want and I will do it but do not ask me to wash cloth. This is because when I washing cloth, my hand will really dry and it is hurt. It makes feel uncomfortable and I will not in mood. So, washing cloth is the most things that I hate and I do not want to do it.

5. Babbling

Other than that, babbling is one thing that I hate too. I do not like other people babbling at me while it is nothing and useless. If someone want give me advise please advice me in the right way but do not babbling at me.

6. Arrogant person.

This kind of person should not live here. This kind of person is better live in the jungle and friend with monkey. Until now, I still face with this kind of person every day. Actually, I want give advice to this person to be humble person and do not be like that but I do not ready yet to do that.

7. Fierce person.

This is other kind of person that I never like. I really hate the person that like make their fierce face and always look like a tiger. It is not fault, if we smile and make a happy face. Sometimes, it make us forgot our problem for a while. This fierce person also can make other person pressure with their face.

8. Spicy food

Spicy food makes my face red. Other that, it make me cry and also make me stomach-ache after eat it. It will make me suffer and I cannot do anything except sleep.

9. Bear

The other thing that I most hate is bear. Bear will make me sneeze and will make me fear when in the dark. The bear is look like a life bear and always look at me. That is why, I really do not like if bear is put in front of me.

10. Opera song.

The voice of the singer is too high pitch and make my ears hurt. I also cannot hear anything what they try to say. So, from hearing their song is better I hear my scream.

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