Saturday, September 25, 2010

10 facts are about me.

1. My head slanting when watching television.

When I am watching television, my head will slant and I do not notice when I do that. Sometimes, my father will hold my head and make sure my head not slanting again and all my siblings laughing at me. It is so funny when I remember that moment.

2. Like to sleep.

Actually, my hobby is sleeping. I will feel happy after I wake up and have spirit to do work. My mother always scolds me when wake up late and always sleep. She said me is the laziest daughter that she have.

3. Had a problem with my knee.

I had problem with my knee when I was at Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara. I was fall down when playing netball and my knee suddenly felt really pain. My knee swollen and it is hard to walk. Until know I cannot be too active because of this injuries. Actually, I felt sad what had happen but me still thankful.

4. Easy crying when sees other people crying.

I will start crying when I see other people crying. This is because may be my heart is easy touching and cannot see other people sad. When I start crying, it is hard to stop. That is why when people crying I do not like to see and I will go away from that person.

5. Had an accident at the age of 6 years.

At that time, I am just come back from studying al-Quran with my brother. When I want cross the road, one motorcycle had violated me from back. After that, I was fall down and I felt hurt at all my body. Two bikers also fall down and injured. Then, my father brought me went to clinic to make check up.

6. Can make a powerful noise belching.

This is one of my advantages and my bad attitude. When I was satisfied, I will produce a powerful sound strange. Although it is somewhat embarrassing, but I am feel satisfied and happy to do so.
7. Mouth must be open when sleeping.
This is one of embarrassing fact about me. When I sleep, my mouth will open. My sister always said my face was ugly when I sleep. May be because of my mouth is open making me look ugly.

8. I do not like washing cloth.

Washing cloth is one thing that does not want to do. In my house, this work will be settling by my sister. Sometimes, she and I will fight because we do not want to wash it. This is because my hand will be too dry and I feel uncomfortable after washing cloth.

9. Do not like look at my own picture.

This is the other fact about me. I actually do not know why I do not like looking at my own picture. This is maybe I look ugly in picture. Every time when I or other people take my picture, I will make many comments about my picture and that is why I do not like to look myself in picture.

10. Very scared of cockroaches.

A cockroach is an insect that I fear especially the flying one. I really do not like its smell and legs. When, I saw a cockroach I will scream and run away with faster to make sure the cockroaches do not come to me.

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