Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preview for the whole semester.

Currently, I have a lot of works to do not like at early semester. At early semester, usually, we just went to class and listen to lecturer. Now, I have a lot of assignment and final project that must be complete before final examination. In all my subjects, I got a lot of experiences and lesson since the first day I attend to class until now. Now, I will explain one by one what I have got for each of my subject.

For BEL 311, I had learn a lot about how to make a perfect term paper, how to communicates to each other in English language, to be punctual and so on. My lecturer is Sir Muhd Izuan is a strict lecturer and he makes me to more discipline in his class. He has his own principal to teach us how to be success in our life. May be for the time I know his, I really do not like him because he is do not like to smile but actually he is a kind person. I actually, fell not interested with this subject because it need a lot of commitment but it is fun and I feel enjoy when I attend to this class.

Next is IMD 201. For the first time, I really hate this subject may be because of the lecturer. He always gives us a lot of assignments and when he gives us assignment, he will make happy face. Even though I do not like but it is good for us and our future. Now, this subject teaches me how to access information properly, how manage information and many more.

Then, not forget too to IMD 202. For this subject, we learn about how to promote a products and services. In this subject we need a lot of presentation. From that I have learn how to be confident in all situations. Now, I feel more confident when I do a presentation and talk to others.

IMD 203 is a quite tough subject because a lot of practical. We need set up a motherboard and needs know all about components in computer. For me, it is difficult subject at the first time but it is not. When I learn more about this subject, it is interesting and fun. I also know how to buy a good computer or laptop based on their component inside it.

My next subject is IMD 255. In this subject, I have learn a lot about departments in library but not just that, I also have learn about how to control the materials that have in library, how to be professional librarian.

In CTU 264, at the first time, I think this subject is boring but my expectation is totally wrong. Instead, it is very useful to me and to my course because I know how to manage information refers to Al-Quran and Al-Hadith. I also can use these experiences for my future and it will help me to solve my problems.

BPC 134 is my co curriculum subject. By this subject, I learn how to care old people that have done operation or treatment from hospital and back to their home. At starter, I feel this subject just for fun but it is important and by this subject I can care my family in right way like a nurse.

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