Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Semester Begins.

I am happy to be one of the UiTM Segamat family. My impressions about UiTM are wonderful and great. When I was arrived UiTM, the first thing that I think is who will be my roommate and it is good news for me because I get a nice roommate. She is very kind and humble person.

Now, I’m in semester 3. When I come back to UiTM, I feel excited to meet all my friends and miss them all. Actually, I also feel happy because I get a new roommate because I had been mentioned from my old roommate that she gets a new room. I’m feeling sad to hear that because I had stay with her for 1 year and a lot of memories between us. So, I get a new roommate when I arrived at UiTM in the morning, I felt so shocked because my hostel had been painted with a new color. It gives me a big surprise and I’m happy to see that changes and suddenly, I feel excited to meet my new roommate. I hope she will be right to stay with me and when I saw her I feel spacious because she looks kind and respect to my mom. That’s all about my first impression about UiTM and my roommate.

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